Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Name Is Manni Moe.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, with my two humans.  I am a very big, very loving cat.  I have a sister, a litter mate of mine named Lola.

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  1. Dear Manni Moe: I noticed in your blog that you don't care for vacuum cleaners.
    Well, I am here to let you know that you haven't LIVED until you let your human vacuum you! My human started when I was a baby, by vacuuming the floor, and coming directly over to me and petting me while that devilish noise was happening nearby. I was worried about the noise, but heck...I liked the petting. She did that often and soon I decided that the vacuum was just background noise. See my pic of my being vacuumed at my owner's blog:
    My owner is older now, and doesn't have to vacuum as much as when the kids were home, but I sure do appreciate it when she vacuums ME!
    Angel (p.s. they found me at 5 wks. old, having been thrown into the middle of the highway during a drenching rain. I will love them forever and forever.)